Saturday, July 26, 2014

Being Cordial

I say “lets just be friends.”
when really I don't want this to end.
You say “lets just be cool.”
Does that mean you want me to act like your dude?
Or like a close friend, smiling from beginning to end,
because really deep inside I can't,
I can't be friends.
I already had plans for romantic getaways,
Flights without delays.
I played the “MASH” game,
and you were the chosen name.
Now I have to throw that away
and start a new day.
A fake grin is not what I intend,
I can only give you the honesty within,
and honestly, I can't be friends.
How can we move from love making
only to arrive at hand shaking.
How can I look into your eyes
and ignore my silent cries inside.
People say “time heals all wounds”
but I think its only if you can resume.
Im so confused
The only sure thing
is that there is no ring,
there are no kids, instead,
I am left with nothing.
But able to gain everything
so for my protection
from showing my affection
I can't be friends.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Sky Does Cry (A Dedication to Maya Angelou)

The Sky, Does Cry
by Joy Clark

(Dedicated to Maya Angelou) 

I open my eyes, hoping to find an array of sunshine.
But, only clouds filled the sky,
I wonder why?
I speak to the sky for the first time,
wondering how it reached this change of mind.
I listened closely as it told its truths,
concerning its point of view.
She spoke softly at first,
and louder, only after realizing she had my attention, first.

She asked, Why do you expect me to shine?
All the things I see, deflates every part of me.
My Moon, feels blue, 
My Stars are too,
the hate, wars and calamity we see in our view.
My Sun grows weary,
of providing relief
to the tears that come directly from the clouds in me.
You see?
I take on more then the lakes and breeze,
I feel the pain, and suffering with ease.

The Sky Does Cry!
I Cry for the babies that are taken from mothers,
I Cry for the Lonely hearted lovers,
I Cry for the memory lost in elders,
The Sky Does Cry!
I Cry for the soul that wants to kill,
I Cry for the sick and for the ill,
I Cry for the Ones who believe the lies,
The Sky Does Cry!
Now she says, Don't worry about me
I will be renewed one day, you see?
I will have a new earth to look upon
and No more Tears, 
Left in Me, to even Give.

Monday, July 16, 2012


The feeling of regret lingers my mind
But I know I can’t go back in time
To the same bed sheets that smell of us
To the same nights filled with lust
I was hoping for a deeper bond
One that would let the world know your mine
I was wishing that the arguments and fights would fade
And we could live in the sun and not the shade
How is it that you seem ok?
When I can only catch sleep during the day
I look into your eyes and see nothing
I have become a stranger walking
The war inside my soul grows daily
I have a break from this emptiness rarely
My heart is past broken and shattered
If it wasn’t beating, I would think it no longer existed
I have become an emotionless human being
Cold, dark, untrusting creature with no tears for crying
Saturated by this heaviness, I feel overloaded
Like an obese body, I feel bloated
In need of some type of exercise
To obtain a more healthier mind
I am still seeking to find